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May Help Relieve symptoms associated with:   * Lower Back Pain  *  Sciatica  *  Arthritis  * Shoulder Pain  *    Knee, Joint, Elbow Pain
Blue Pain Relief with Emu Oil can't be beat!
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8 oz. Blue Pain Relief

BLUE PAIN RELIEF combines the penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Oil with MSM, in a soothing pure Aloe Vera Gel base  -  at an affordable price!

Our customers LOVE Blue Pain Relief:Molecularly Distilled Emu Oil ~ Safety and Purity Assured!
"I want to tell you that Bruce, our neighbor, says that Blue Pain Relief Does help him.  I told you the doctor took him off tylenol with codine and told him to take extra strength tylenol.  Well the Blue Pain Releif is helping him more than the stuff with codine in it!"  Kay Harmon "My husband has had arthritis and tried to get relief for years.  The Blue Pain Relief is the only thing that has given him results and relief.  He said he didn't believe it - we have spent lots of money trying other things, to no avail.  So keep on keeping on - you have a winner here."  Nelda Archer

SPECIAL, our 8 oz. BLUE PAIN RELIEF is now only $26.95 plus s/h

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What's in Blue Pain Relief?Blue Pain Relief for aches and pains
Relief, that's what!  This synergistic blend of ingredients goes to work and may help ease the pain you're longing to rid from your body.  Here's what you get:

*  EMU OIL - an all-natural food by product, used by the Aborigines of Australia for thousands of years.  I thas only come to the attention of the U.S. market over the past few years as an alternative substance.  Emu oil is a "broad-spectrum" substance and can be used for many healthful benefits.  Consumers are currently using Emu oil for:  Muscle, joint and back pain * Dietary Supplements * Radiation burns * Insect Bites * Tissue Nutrient and Anti-Aging skin care * Hair Loss (helps awaken sleeping hair follicles).  Emu oil contains high levels of linoleic acid, known to help ease joint pain.  It also contains oleic acid which is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Combines with MSM, it is a powerful product to help ease the pain of stiffness, arthritis, and muscle aches and pains.  Try it today!

*  MSM - is not a medicine, a drug, or a food additive.  It is a food.  MSM is an organic form of sulfur that can be easily absorbed and utilized by the body.  Since sulfur is a component of all cells, it is essential that the body have a jplentiful supply of this mineral in a useable form.  Approximately half of the total body sulfur is concentrated in the muscles, skin and bones.  When rigid fibrous tissue cells swell and become inflamed, pressure and pain result.  Since MSM can restore flexibility and premeability to cell walls, fluids can pass through the tissues more easily.  This helps equalize pressure and reduce or eliminate the cause of pain.  MSM makes cell walls permeable, allowing water and nutrients to freely flow into cells and allowing wastes and toxins to properly flow out.  Along with other nutrients, the body uses MSM to create new, healthy cells, and MSM provides the flexibile bond between the cells.  MSM ranks in the extremely low toxicity category with a toxicity profile similar to that of water.  MSM, a member of the sulfur family, should never be confused with "sulfa drugs".  Emu oil helps pull MSM deep into the dermis to help relieve pain quickly!  Suffer no more!

Other helpful ingredients - Menthol: derived from the oil of mint or peppermint.  It is used in analgesic creams and lotions to help increase blood circulation to the area and produce a warm - or somethimes cool - feeling that is soothing and lasts for several hours.  Witch Hazel:  native Americans utilized poultices of witch hazel leaves and bark to treat a variety of wounds, insect bites and skin ulcers. Tannins are the main active constitutents in witch hazel, giving it a strong astringent effect.  Witch hazel has also been shown to strengthen veins and to be anti-inflammatory.

Blue Pain Relief - A powerful blend to aid in temporary pain relief!  
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Blue Pain Relief from Longview Farms

*We make no medical claims, expressed or implied.  Contact your physician if you need medical assistance.  This product may not work for all those trying it.  Everyones' body is different, and they may find comfort from products containing other ingredients.  Statements contained within this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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